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   istanbulvipstore requests some personal information (name, e-mail, mobile phone, etc.) from you in order to provide better service.


    It should not be forgotten that protecting your personal information is important. istanbulvipstore collects information from membership forms; istanbulvipstore does not use the communication for commercial purposes in any context other than its activity, without the knowledge of the member in question or without giving any instructions to the contrary.


    It stores and uses customer information to provide information about new sales campaigns and to improve product and service delivery. istanbulvipstore uses SSL-Based 128-Bit encryption structure so that its users can process their information securely.


   Users can request written information to istanbulvipstore to find out what information is stored about them. Your requests for possible corrections, blocking or deletion of information are processed immediately (to the extent required by law). Whenever you need support, you can contact us at 0535 931 79 99.

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